Train Simulator Night

| December 3, 2019

Train drivers are learning how to operate the new trains replacing Greater Anglia’s stock by using a £1.6m Transurb simulator at Norwich railway station.

It normally takes a six day course for existing drivers to get to grips with the new ‘Stadler bi-mode’ trains, however from the video you will see that the Aylsham Round Table Team mastered the controls in a couple of hours. Andrew Bird (ex chairman of ART and current Honorary Member) showed us the ropes and using a real train cab, the simulator has all the controls and everything that’s in the real life version right down to the driver’s mug holder.

And after real track was videoed and then adapted into CGI animation you can drive out of Norwich station onto the Lowestoft line and you will see all the platforms, surrounding countryside even passengers just like real life. 

It was one of our most memorable nights and want to say a big thank you to Andrew and Greater Anglian Railways

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