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Supreme Leader or Robbie Rotten?!

| 20th May 2020

At today’s AGM Steven Gibbs, the self proclaimed “Supreme Leader” assumed the official role of Chairman, Aylsham Round Table. The streets were lined with posters and banners celebrating the new leader.

The votes had been counted and the postal votes appeared to be four times the number of members but the new Chairman was appointed at this year’s virtual AGM. Having served as Vice Chairman under James “El Jefe” Marks he then subsequently promoted the aforementioned to Eternal President who can only be relinquished of the title upon death.

In his statement Gibbs declared that “everyone is equal and if you do not volunteer then you will be voluntold”. This power grab has left the world stunned and sent shockwaves through the table members. All his tablers promised that they would shower him with gifts, free food and free beer for as long as he reigned.

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