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Police Visit – Bacton Gas Site

| 20th June 2011

On the evening of Thursday 16th June, Paul Wright, Vice-Chairman, organised a visit to the MOD Police Unit which patrols around the surrounding area of Bacton Gas Site.

PC Karl Smith, was our host for the evening and presented an excellent presentation over the next 2 hours. He talked about his background, the history of the unit and the armoury that they use to deter any security infiltrations into the site.

At the end of Karl’s talk the ‘Tablers’ were able to look, touch and hold, the array of guns and equipment, but what really got our attention was when Karl’s colleague, a dog handler, walked in with a 2 year old Czech Alsatian on the leash. Karl’s colleague gave us a quick insight into dog handling, as we were pushed for time, but showed us some of the skills which the dog had learned over the last 2 years.

Steve was keen to have us back some time for a dog handling session and it was refreshing to see Graham put his hand in the air, as Steve asked for a would be volunteer to act as an assailant and run away from the dog and be captured in an exercise. As Steve said, in these exercise, they will go for the arms, legs, anything which is available. They will bruise, rip muscle and tear skin, but they are only playing…………

Chairman James Marks, thanked both Karl and Steve and in turn Aylsham RT thanked the guys in the traditional manner, hopeful of a return someday. Then, it was onto Lessingham Star for meal and a pint or two. Lessingham Star proved a little tricky to find to say the least, as James Marks and JT lead the convoy via the coast road, only to go past Lessingham and nearly into Sea Palling. With this, James pulled over, but only to find Kelly ‘Mr President’ Clarke, in a less than friendly manner, saying, ‘you two idiots should have turned off on the first bend in Lessingham’. Appreciate what you are saying Kelly, but you still followed us…..

Anyway, we headed back, via Ingham and finally found Lessingham Star. An excellent selection of real ales, and a good meal, was followed by a brief meeting and before we knew it, it was 11.15pm and time for home.

For me, this has got to be one of the best ‘table’ evenings we have done in the last 10 years. An excellent insight into Policing around the gas site area, a nice meal and plenty of banter. Those on board last night all enjoyed it, James ‘Mr Chairman’ Marks, Graham ‘Fido’ Fryer, Paul ‘I’m a Salad’ East, Mel ‘Sooty’ Laxen, Jono ‘Arse tighter than a drum skin when the Alsatian walked in’ Thetford, Paul ‘Vice Chairman’ Wright, Kelly ‘Mr President’ Clarke and Alan ‘Sven Goran Erikson’ Wright.

The last thing for me to say is thank you to Paul Wright for an excellent night on behalf of the Aylsham RT.

Jonathan Thetford, International Officer, Aylsham RT

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