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Aylsham Round Table - #DoMore


Paul Wright – Chairman

I was born into Round Table and have loved every minute of it and I have meet some of my closet friends in this organisation and for that I am grateful. I joined Round Table as I saw my father have many happy years doing things that you wouldn’t normally do.  Some of the things I have enjoyed are Dragon Boat Racing, Raft Races and a lot of Brewery tours. I travel around with my job a lot and I know where ever I am in the country then due to the Table network I can pick up a phone and have a great night out with good bunch of blokes. All it leaves me to say is GO ON GIVE IT AGO YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul “Wrighty” Wright

James Mitchell – Vice Chairman

Hello all, I am relatively new to table but am quickly becoming a stalwart. I live locally to Aylsham and wanted to put “something back” into my community as well as having a good laugh and a social time at the same time. The lads in table are great fun and do some awesome trips and events. I have a strong penchant for rum and corn on the cob. Still looking forward to my first round of table spoof…

James “Jim” Mitchell

Nick Swales – Secretary

Morning, I’m Nick and the newest tabler. My journey so far has already been a good laugh with plenty of joking about and I have enjoyed the virtual activities we have been doing during lockdown. It was great to be invited to the Area Ball and a few formal events for which my wife always likes a new dress! Great bunch of lads and the effort put in behind the scenes for the community is something I was totally unaware of. My highlight so far has been driving into a cow in the GreaterAnglia train simulator night! Definitely going to be an interesting time and I would certainly encourage people to join and give Table a go. I also love crisps ALOT. I’ve also got a lovely beard.

Nick “OBL” Swales

Lee Curson – Treasurer & Beer Master

I’m Lee and I joined in November 2014 and love being in Round Table and the friendship it brings. I had a great start as my first event was lighting fireworks in front of 2500 people raising thousands of pounds for charity in the community in which I live. I am lucky enough that I am the regular beer master extraordinaire for the Annual Aylsham Beer Festival and also given my seal of approval to many breweries we have visited over the years! My highlight was the table foreign trip to Munich Beer Festival – it has to be seen to be believed!

Lee “Big Daddy” Curson

Chris Clarke – Community Officer (CLSO)

Hi I’m Chris and I am another second generation tabler following the sizable foot steps of my father. I joined in April 2015 and my first event was serving beer at our charity beer festival! The great thing about Round Table is the onus on togetherness and the events not just for the lads but also for the family. Living in Aylsham I enjoy being able to return something back to the community in which I live and also attend most of the local events. I am known to frequent the golden M after many events even if it is a second meal and means I walk in wearing black tie!

Chris “Burger Fiend” Clarke

Tom McDonald – Membership Officer

Hello, I’m Tom and a massive part of Aylsham Round Table. Being in Round Table has been great for me and my personal development. The lads have really broadened my horizons with some of the events I’ve attended and going on the foreign trip was superb! My table career didn’t start well when I accidentally kidnapped another member’s cat (it got in my car and I was almost in Norwich before I realised!). I love a laugh and can usually be found in the centre of the fun. If anyone wants to know why my nickname is “Everyone’s Favourite Tabler” you will need to come along to a meeting to find out…

Tom “Everyone’s Favourite Tabler” McDonald

Steven Gibbs – Tabler

Hi, I have been a member of Round Table for a few years.  I get great pleasure in to holding the table to account and ensure that we are doing all the necessary things for our table to be a successful outfit. For those who are interested in joining but hesitant then I have been in that boat and can honestly say it is one of the most rewarding things I have done with my life. I’ve had some amazing experiences at home and abroad and met some fantastic people I’d have otherwise never have crossed. Counting table money and ensuring it gets back to the local community is one of my favourite pastimes…

Steven “Gibbo” Gibbs

Matt Tracey – Tabler

I’ve only recently joined Round Table and have split loyalties between Aylsham and Stalham Tables. Table have really welcomed me and are a great bunch of lads who love a few beers and relentless banter. I’ve already been to numerous Area events and met a whole host of lads from across Norfolk. I have become known as “Dave” which I am told is due to my resemblance to a young Rodney Trotter but I’m not convinced as it’s more likely “someone” couldn’t get my name right!!!! Forget any preconceptions that it’s a secret society with secret rituals. If you are sitting at home bored then get in touch, come to a table night or event and guarantee you will be back for more…

Matt “Dave” Tracey

Martin Wones – Tabler

I’ve only recently joined Round Table and there is plenty of banter and social events to get involved with. I am excited to be a new member and have been welcomed with open arms and am keen to get involved further. By day I am a self employed electrician so it’s nice to get together with a bunch of like minded lads to have an active social life. Some of the tales I’ve been told and relationship between the boys are stuff of folklore.

Martin “Sparky Plug” Wones

Chris Earll – Tabler (On a sabbatical)

Good day, I’m Chris and I’m currently on a sabbatical from the Round Table. I’m pretty good at darts so I am chasing my dream to go pro and get to the PDC. Round Table has been very good to me over the years with the lads sponsoring my darts and I have some great mates in table. I still love to attend table events when I can and having a laugh with the boys usually at their expense. I love a foreign trip and one of my greatest memories is white water rafting in Bratislava (I thought I was going to die). I can often be heard on video calls to my family shouting “Little Jackie Woo Woo…”.

Chris “The Pearl” Earll

Paul East – President

I joined Aylsham Round Table in 1993 and have held several posts over the years. To be honest, if you cut me in half you’ll find Round Table written through me like a stick of rock. I am currently passing my years of wisdom to the Table and nurturing the younger members. I have met some really great people through the organisation and the events have been spectacular a full of fellowship. All members enjoy every event throughout the year, however the annual foreign trip are fabulously special. You would not believe the fun we have, the things we see and do, or the people we meet, oh and the beer is pretty good as well. Anyone thinking of joining please contact any of the members, we are happy to chat about Aylsham and District Round Table 784, what we do, the fellowship, and the fun we have.

Paul “Easto” East

James Marks – Immediate Past President

James Marks

Hi, I have been a member of Round Table for many years.  I have been involved in organizing the fireworks display and Aylsham’s legendary Beer festival. I currently hold the post of President so if you fancy joining a group where I guarantee you will have a great laugh and also give a bit back to the community then please contact us you won’t be disappointed. I AM THE PRESIDENT.

James “Da Boss” Marks

Graham Fryer – Honorary Member

Graham Fryer

Hi, my name is Graham Fryer and I have been in Aylsham Round Table a long time. In that time I have been on a few fantastic foreign trips as well as attending many memorable events throughout the years. These include brewery tours, trips to the Houses of Parliament, family camping weekends to name but a few. The fellowship between all the guys is great. There is no pressure to attend all the events which are organised but as the saying goes ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’. I can thoroughly recommend Round Table as an organisation to join. My best advice is to come along to a few events and see if it is something you would want to do. There is no pressure to join and we are pleased to see guests and friends at any event.

Graham “Brian” Fryer

Kelly Clarke – Honorary Member

Hi my name is Kelly Clark and I have been associated with Round Table since it was formed in 1927. I have held a multitude of roles within Round Table and have been associated with both Aylsham and North Walsham Round Table. My proudest moment has been serving as President when my son Chris was Chairman.

Kelly Clarke

Dave West – Honorary Member

Hi, I’m Dave and although not logistically close to the table as Easty’s cousin I have attended many events and trips over the years. I can often be found with on a foreign trip nursing a bottle of red wine and generally being the mastermind behind some of the “fun”. The lads who I have met over the years have been great and I never feel like a outsider. Over the years I have watched how it has helped my cousin and many others develop as more rounded individuals…lol.

Dave “Westy” West