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It’s Xmasssssss…

| 16th December 2020

After the longest year in history Aylsham Round Table were just happy to have made it to Xmas and decided to have a virtual Xmas social. No Grinch or Noddy Holder just a few mates supporting each other through tough times…

The night began with the usual tardiness with time keeping. You’d have thought with all the practice of being “virtual” our members would be able to use their day to day technology, not a chance! Amid much merriment, banter and general high spirits the tablers just enquired about each other and families, talked about things that had been happening throughout the year and drank a few bottles of cider to see 2020 off…

The Chairman had again set yet another task to acquire a pre-determined selection of six ciders (available at all good supermarkets) so that the table could have a bit of a tasting event aside form the usual craft beer. Unfortunately the usual table combination of leaving it to the last minute to shop and not being able to read meant we had a much wider array of ciders than we could ever imagine. I think Clarkey and the Chairman were the only members to get the list correct! More on the tasting later…

So the Table had decided to do a Secret Santa which of course means open season to have a dig at fellow tablers and this is one area where the members never disappoint from our table property guru getting a DIY Help book to our table secretary buying his bro-in-law a “bedroom aid” that his wife had opened and questioned him accordingly!!! Our table stalwart Chris Clarke was also mightily impressed with his t-shirt from our Vice Chair (see left).

After the “tasting” continued everyone got louder to the point where video calling mics were probably not required so the Chairman called order and decision was made on what the best cider was. To be honest by this point nobody could remember what they drank and in which order so Gib Jong-un decided and it had nothing to do with it being the nearest bottle. The winner was Sxollie Craft Cider – Granny Smith and what a great drop it was. Runners up were the rest of them as the chaos could not decide. The Chairman has since discovered that it is the first cider to be sold in Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck so maybe he does know something about a good drink (debatable!).

The table then started peeling off as many had work so the Chairman decided to keep the party alive on his own with a one way conversation on the group chat into the early hours. If Big Daddy Curson had been present he would not have been last man standing! 

Here at Aylsham Round Table we wish everyone a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Let’s get rid of Covid and the better we adhere to the rules the quicker we move back to normality. Stay safe.

If anyone wishes to sample our favourite cider then please find it at the link below:

Modern Craft Cider. – Sxollie (

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