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Mackinnon Construction - Main Sponsor of Aylsham Beer Festival
Aylsham Round Table - #DoMore


Round Table is about having fun with a great bunch of mates, trying something new and putting a little something back…

The Myths

  • You have to know a member to be invited
  • It’s a cliquey secretive or religious society with ‘funny’ handshakes
  • You have to be a middle aged businessman to join
  • There’s a formal meeting and a meal every week
  • My family wouldn’t approve and it’s costly
  • It’s all about fund raising and business deals and that doesn’t appeal to me

The Facts

  • After attending a couple of events, you can ask any member to join.
  • You need to be an adult male aged below 45
  • It’s the diversity of the members occupation which makes it so great
  • We have meetings, social events and family/partner events throughout the year
  • The Round Table movement is a truly neutral, non religious, non political, non sectarian organisation
  • There is a membership fee which is less than about a pint a week
  • It’s a great fortnightly hobby trying new experiences and meeting friends you wouldn’t otherwise meet
  • Always different activities, learning new skills and you can put something back into the community


Come along without obligation to a couple of events and see for yourself whether Round Table is for you.

Contact us via the contact page